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Maito Gai
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November 2006
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This is horrible...some of the students from my YOUTHFUL MARTIAL ARTS class have gone missing as have sevral other people in town~!

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There is a free tour day at the gym where I work..I hope to see you all there! *pose*

(Hand feeling a bit better though Ill be scarce since hand hurts like hell DX)

Ah, That martial arts retreat was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE....I feel so fresh and YOUTHFUL!

*bounces even more then usual*
After a lovely and rather event filled evening I hope to see him again, he said there would be a next time

I arrived to work to find a doctor friend of mine had requested that I take one of his patients and show him the joys of fitness. Apparently this Orochimaru character is rather set in his ways and needs to be led on the path to better health!


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Dear Journal.
This morning was a BEAUTIFUL and inspiring one as usual. The usual clients came to the gym today,but the childrens class this afternoon was amazing. MY ADORABLE STUDENTS ARE READY TO TAKE THEIR BELT TEST...I am bursting with youthful pride at their accomplishments...Sorry, journal-san I am getting you wet with my tears of joy! Ah, Now I must go, I was slow in finishing my workout today and so must do 500 pullups on the bar before my dinner break! OSU!

Edit: Perhaps I should go to that little restaurant down the street for dinner. I've heard the food is excellent!

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